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July 13 – Carrie Welling

Be good to yourself and join us for another show from ... ...Carrie Welling. A self-described ‘military brat,’ Welling’s struggle to feel rooted in any one place carved an unharmonious path of heartbreak, doubt, and insecurity that … more

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June 7 – Minor Gold

We went digging in Australia and came back with… … Minor Gold! Tracy McNeil and Dan Parsons are, respectively, Canadian and Australian and have been together for some time (Parsons is/was guitarist in McNeil’s band TheGoodLife).  Holed up in Queensland during “that time in 2020,” the couple started writing together, songs with an altogether different tone […]

May 18 – Hunter Peebles and the Moonlighters

Songs from the heart. There’s no better way to describe the music from Hunter Peebles. The human experience is filled with heartache, loss, love and joy. Hunter’s songs capture these sentiments with seemingly effortless simplicity and depth. Show details: Hailing from southern Illinois, just east of St. Louis, Hunter reflects his influences in country, folk, and […]

April 12 – The Colin Sphinctor Band

And now, without further a-doo-doo… …The Colin Sphinctor Band This will be the #2 time we’ve had parts of Colin Sphinctor at Henry House, and we are delighted they’ll be putting on their own special show for us again!  Jim Findlay (guitar and accordion), Tony Chambers (lead guitar), and Gene Carroll (bass guitar) will be […]

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